2011 is here! It Is Time For A Comeback!

Its been a while since I have been out and about in public, reflecting on past mistakes and choices. This year is very different I truly feel like I am back to myself mentally and hopefully soon physically :P It is amazing the power love has over a person, it has the ability to make one rise to the top or crumble down to oblivion. For me I can say That I am happy that I have had great friends that have been there for me since my downfall reminding me that there is more to life then my simple wishes and more importantly we must celebrate life because it can be gone in an instant. I can say that I am now truly a force to be wrecked with both physically and mentally, I will no longer take anyone’s garbage, If you wish to play that game with me I will crush you plain and simple.
This year is something I have been looking forward to, to simply start over reconstructing myself as a person. I hope this year is amazing for me if not I will make it that way for no one is in control of my destiny only I. Get ready world for you have another person breaking out of the darkness ready to embrace the light.