Adding Live Chat/Support To Your Website for Free!

If you are like me and have to have the latest technologies on your clients sites then I am sure you have come to the Live Support Services quarrel. Keeping in mind that clients don’t have thousands of dollars to build a proprietary solution its was clear that open source was the way to go. After hours of searching and testing various open source clients/software one stood out more then the rest, LiveZilla ( This software is one of the most complete open source Live Support packages available to the public for free. The bundled software included both server side and client side applications which eliminates agents from having to be logged into the sites control panel. Providing an Instant Messenger Interface that seamlessly connects the site’s support function to the agents desktop. LiveZilla not only provides real time live support but also live tracking and logging, keeping all visitors, conversations and documents stored in a local database. LiveZilla also has visitor Geo-location by using Google’s IP Location API (upgrade). If your company is looking for a quick and professional Live Support Solution you might want to take a look at the software. The source code is provided and with an experienced PHP/MYSQL programmer it can be infinitely customized to reflect your clients standards.

If you are serious about Live Support try it.

In the next post I will be covering how to remove LiveZilla logos, text, and footer copyright information from your chat window to make your live support services look more professional to visitors.