Web Symantecs 2.0 Is Coming!

For months now I have been working on a new design that embodied form and function. The idea was to create a site were a community could be established to debate and procure the both negative and positive impacts of other online marketing concepts, how do they work? how much they cost? is there an Open Source solution? What methods and practices are used? I am hoping this community will be built around “real” experts on the subjects of Social Media Marketing / Online Social Psychology & Engineering, Data Management, Relevance and Information Technology to create a new source of fresh information, one that isn’t tainted by the modern methods of data mining, only duplicating corrupt and outdated data across multiple online outlets. Web Symantecs will be a place where practice and experience will determine what are called facts, Information today is perpetually changing; our methods of learning and understanding should do the same.

URL: http://www.websymantecs.comĀ (This site is no longer active as it was updated to websemantics.com)