Updating Escaflowne Framework to Support Dynamic Width

Going to be adding dynamic width properties to the new framework. The idea is to expand beyond 1020px to about 1440 dynamically, this will improve readability/usability and use screen real estate more effectively. Dashboard back-end is also almost ready and will be implemented soon. The goal is to have a proprietary version of WordPress that runs more secure with less fat out of the box.

Another Flash Project Originally Designed For Web Semantics in 2008

I was going through an old hosting account making sure I had backed up everything before it deletion and found some old work. This is was a flash project I originally created for Web Semantics (Web Symantecs) during its early conception. Considering this was done in 2005 and then updated in 2008 I have to say it’s still a pretty cool animation design. I’m just glad I was able to find it, I still can’t believe I was doing this with Macromedia Flash 7 and 8 (Macromedia was later bought out by Adobe), you can view the actual flash animation by clicking here.

Web Symantecs 2.0 Is Coming!

For months now I have been working on a new design that embodied form and function. The idea was to create a site were a community could be established to debate and procure the both negative and positive impacts of other online marketing concepts, how do they work? how much they cost? is there an Open Source solution? What methods and practices are used? I am hoping this community will be built around “real” experts on the subjects of Social Media Marketing / Online Social Psychology & Engineering, Data Management, Relevance and Information Technology to create a new source of fresh information, one that isn’t tainted by the modern methods of data mining, only duplicating corrupt and outdated data across multiple online outlets. Web Symantecs will be a place where practice and experience will determine what are called facts, Information today is perpetually changing; our methods of learning and understanding should do the same.

URL: http://www.websymantecs.com (This site is no longer active as it was updated to websemantics.com)

EZ Tax Express: The Beginning Of Something Beautiful

ez tax express logoWhat is EZ Tax Express? Its a new project I have taken on. This project will consist of the following:

  • Brand Design
  • Web Development
  • Information Technology
  • SEO + Online Marketing
  • SMO + Social Marketing

The company is a tax specialist much like H&R Block. I look forward to this, the big guys are about to get some local competition… muahahahaha! >:)

Martian Laser Engraving, PWNing SEO:Local

This is project I took up last year as an investment because I saw the potential in the business. With in weeks I was able to recreate a more professional design and implement it, then it was all about the SEO. SEO is one of those things I just love to dabble in because I have so much background in it. Now Martian Laser is #1 and almost all targeted keywords. Business has increased by 400% within 1 Year and it only looks like the demand is building up :)

I am almost ready to make the online store go live on the site but I am waiting to the completion of the product data into our databases.
Things look good for Martian Laser for 2011 and I can’t wait to see this business mature. The company will be reopening a new walk-in location in Temecula CA. or San Diego CA by the middle of the coming year.

As time progresses the sites design will also have to grow to optimize traffic and user experience. By the end of the second quarter of 2011 I will begin to deploy nationally optimized domains to further our reach into the market expanding the Martian Laser brand locally around the US. At this time I also hope to have a multilingual component to the site

Anyways here is the link: www.martianlaser.com if you wanna check it out, let me know what you think! :)

Another Old Flash Design Of Mine :P

This was a sample design I was making to use in a portfolio. Funny when I brought it to an interview the hiring manager had a hard time believing it was my work, too bad for him I had my source files :P Click on the image below to see the flash design. Remember this is almost 4-5 years old, don’t be too harsh :)

2nd Flash Scene Concept Completed For WebSymantecs Information Board.

So yeah, I rarely get time to work my company’s site. I am sure this may be quite normal for people in my profession as we always cater to our clients first :) I will show you a beta scene for complete flash information center that will be implemented soon.

Programs Used So far:

Adobe Fireworks CS5, Photoshop CS5 Extended, Adobe Illustrator CS5, Soundbooth CS5, Flash CS5, Flex 3

What do you think so far?

Old Surf it Local Flash Design, Ahhh The Memories

So I was going through looking for some old video work and I came across this Old Flash Design I made for a HyperLocal Search Engine Project known as Surf it Local. It was a quick and informative site with a countdown to our launch date. I Still think its pretty cool considering I made them in early 2008.

Click here to see the flash site.

Website LiveChat Services!

After a couple of hours of configuration and modifications I was able to install a complete LiveChat solution for the client Martian Laser (www.martianlaser.com) located in San Diego, Ca. The Live Chat Solution allows the client to see live online vistors, what page they are viewing and even make real-time suggestions and assistance. The Application also allows the client to determine the source of the visitor via Google’s Geo-location API. A definite tool for any business owner.