Getting ready for a major launch and confrence!

For the last two years I have been working on a very powerful framework, one that contained all important parameters that catered to the upcoming semantic web. Two very long years of self funded research and development, programming and dissecting of open source code that could amplify site metrics. The first framework was created using widely used open source technology, PHP, MySQL and Apache. As the web evolved beyond the simple site to the intelligent and semantic site which used aggregation, feeds and sitemaps it became relavant that this platform would have to be modular to adapt to the ever mutating web. When all everything was said and done the result was what I called the XYMBIOTe framework an intelligent system that not only could adapt but interpret native scripts into its own framework. As a result users who would use this framework could now use scripts from other platforms such as Drupal, Joomla and WordPress. XYMBIOTe was initially designed to tackle the complex SEO and SEM problems inherited by the large amount of unsorted and irrelevant data on the multitude of databases that existed all over the world. After about 5 months of testing the framework proved to be incredibly powerful and scalable. At this point I am getting ready to release this framework publicly so that all people around the work can use it (with minor restrictions to certain companies and organizations for example: SEO/SEM Companies). More information will be available soon.