How to Remove LiveZilla’s Footer/Credits

If you’re like me footers with forced credits aren’t cool, although sometimes someones work deserves credit it can ruin a visitors perspective who is expecting a brand.
In this quick tutorial I will show you how to remove all the LiveZilla Credits from the UI so visitors will never know your are using an open source support client. This can be achieved by following 2 simple steps:

  • edit the carrier_logo.gif image to represent you company’s brand/logo.
  • change footer code that shows LiveZilla Credits

If you haven’t already figured out to install the livezilla server files in a folder called live_chat or live_support. Do it now, its SEO friendly :)

Once you have installed your server files make sure they are located one level up of your root directory (root:/live_chat/) this will make everything look more professional in the long run.

Once the steps above have been completed locate the file named lz_chat_frame.4.1.tpl this file should be located at:


once located the file should look similar to this:



Remove Line 13 so it looks like the source below.

Updated lz_chat_frame.4.1.tpl



Thats it! Kiss the footer and the breadcrumb’s root gone!


I have updated this tutorial for version (last open source version) at the following post /how-to-remove-livezillas-footercredits-from-version-3-3-2-2/