It’s Official, China Is Undeniably Attacking US Networks 400% Increase In Network Attacks Over Holiday Weekends.

Ok so I am not here to point fingers because both governments pretty much do the same thing duh… I will also add that Chinese attacks on US networks have increased in the past few months since the conflicts in Ukraine. Over this memorial weekend I have been monitoring many server nodes across different data centers and have definitely had in increase in brute force and scan attacks.

Today I have noticed a 400% increase in additional log records related to these attacks. Coincidence I think not, how else do you explain an increase in attacks a day before a major US holiday? Chinese PLA will obviously deny anything but if you analyze the data it definitely looks like a coordinated attack on US networks .Chinese Intelligence Assumes that no IT personal will be working over the weekend so they amp their attacks. Let let me say something to Chinese Intel… YES WE WORK ON HOLIDAYS TOO!… lol

P.S. I have logs to prove that too… xD

Here is a list of their most popular attack networks…

inetnum: –
country:        CN
inetnum: –

netname:        Forest-Eternal
descr:          Forest Eternal Communication Tech.
descr:          Rm.902,North Real Estate Building, Build. No.3,
descr:          #81Yuan,Haidian District,Beijing
country:        CN


inetnum: –
netname:        CHINANET-GX
descr:          CHINANET Guangxi province network
descr:          Data Communication Division
descr:          China Telecom
country:        CN


inetnum: –
netname:        CHINANET-AH
descr:          CHINANET Anhui province network
descr:          China Telecom
descr:          A12,Xin-Jie-Kou-Wai Street
descr:          Beijing 100088
country:        CN


inetnum: –
netname:        SANXIN
descr:          Beijing Sanxin Shidai Co.Ltd
descr:          1513 Xinjishu building Beijing link west road
descr:          Haidian District, Beijing, PRC
country:        CN



The Future Of Decentralized Computing And It’s Impact On Social Justice On The World Wide Web


Get ready people we are living once again in exciting times for the internet, it’s evolving! We are living in times where information can no longer be suppressed which will have a major impact in overall society. People all around the world are becoming involved in the preservation of privacy and social justice. Here are some ideas of how I think decentralized computing will change the world.


1) Open Source Decentralized Political Registry

Everyone who is a political or public official should be registered on this site, their entire public record could be open sourced and controlled by a community, decentralized platform would eliminate illegal confiscation of infrastructure or prevent censorship. rendering covert corruption difficult.

2) Open Source Decentralized Criminal Registry

Every person on this planet would now be able to report any crime about any person including a public official (police, federal, military officer etc…) at any time and keep it in public domain. This would eliminate extortion, threats and possible cover-ups by any person/group or agency in the world. This platform would also be decentralized to eliminate confiscation or hack.

3) Open Source Decentralized News Registry

Every person on this planet would now be able to report any crime about any person including a public official (police, federal, military officer etc…) at any time and keep it in public domain. This would eliminate extortion, threats and possible cover-ups by any person/group or agency in the world. This platform would also be decentralized to eliminate confiscation or hack.

4) Open Source Decentralized Education Registry

Every Person in the world would now have access to any knowledge without propaganda, lies, manipulation, managed by a global community on a credit system so popular vote always wins.


The overall idea is to create an infrastructure that anyone can post any information without censorship, but the information must remain check able, other “wallets” with “coins” or credits should have the ability to change or revise any post, as the post is modified the amount of credits required to modify the post increases, groups of wallets/users could donate amounts to a pool key to also use their limited credits to help causes they might believe in, this will discourage the act of one person acquiring many credits and overwhelming a specific record or trying to hijack its content, a group of wallets/users would always be able to override a single user modifications.

Google Glass Security & The Surveillance State, Privacy Beware


Like usual all the Google Fanboys, marketing buffs are in full effect as Google and their millions of dollars begin to influence the masses with what they call revolutionary… Google Glass.
As usual all the sheeple are blinded by the fad and how their social status will be after wearing these glasses. What people are failing to see are the numerous privacy issues that these type of devices bring to the table, if you think hacked cellphones are a problem lets dive into some of the possibilities with Google Glass…

  • Camera Hacking/Hi-jacking
  • Microphone Hacking/Hi-Jacking
  • Video Interception/Hi-Jacking
  • GPS Tracking

Camera Hi-Jacking
This Could be used on a compromised device to take snapshots of meetings, projects, monitors/screens and so on. Now days cameras on smart devices tend to embed GPS information into pictures, which can result as another tracking vector.

Microphone Hacking/Hijacking
This Could be used to snoop in on private meetings, talks, calls and things along these lines.

Video Interception
One of my favorites,  If pulled off correctly this could allow a potential attacker/agency the ability to record/view multiple locations at a single time. This could also be used in conjunction with facial recognition, it would allow multiple glasses to work as spy cams, which are a lot closer to people (when worn) ultimately creating a more effective facial recognition system/surveillance grid. This could also be used to spy on peoples workplace, their meetings, life or anything that could be exploited/copied/stolen by eavesdropping.

GPS Tacking We all know how that works, but what most people don’t know is that this has actually been secretly done for YEARS using cell phones as part of another NSA program. This would just be another vector used.

Does every still believe that Google is just out for your best interest? I mean it’s no coincidence that an ex-NSA director just happened to get hired by Google. If you know anything about computer science or information technology, you know that NOTHING IS UN HACK-ABLE and that no corporation is out for your best interest…

Bitcoin To Possibly Rival The US Dollar, Could It Be Staging Itself As A Global Reserve Currency?







It’s true Bitcoin is and has been steadily growing in use increasing its user base more than 1400% in one year. This because “it is immune to government or bank manipulation” -Max Keiser.
If true this has become the semi-perfect solution to traditional monetary policy as crypto-currency is not governed by any central authority.
This is a very interesting concept and hopefully we will know more in the coming months. As Bitcoin currency cannot be manipulated it may soon become a widely used global currency possibly overtaking traditional currency notes and even the current global reserve currency, The US Dollar.


Max Keiser talks about bitcoin:

Sick And Tired Of Censorship And This False Sense of Freedom Of Speech Online!

Seriously I am sick and tired of Twitter and Facebook and other sites always censoring information and not relaying posts outside of twitter. Why do certain topics not aggregate across the net? Oh Yeah because Twitter is a piece of crap service to begin with, I mean seriously in the 7 years of seo I still cant find any real significance only hype. Not only are they in bed with governments around the world suppressing news and information but they are actively trying to kill their API community in a sad attempt to gain more traffic to their shitty site. Facebook… I don’t want to get started with… all the bullshit involved with this company is hilarious from their blatant disregard for privacy to their state of the art facial recognition system currently running in secrecy for NSA and CIA (part of Tapwire). Its ridiculous, is there no one out there who dares to challenge the status quo? Has everyone truly become cowards?

I think its time for a new internet infrastructure that doesn’t run on the current TCP/IP structure, an internet that isn’t being developed by Universities (Internet2) who are funded by US military (or any for that matter). Any University secretly working on projects with military applications should be abolished, or at least have the title of University removed and boycotted and/or destroyed.  The world doesn’t need institutions working frivolously on more weaponry for barbaric idiots who deem themselves superior.
Its time for a new mindset, one away from the all the left and right paradigm of political assholes who want to play the blame game while the world crumbles.

We need a new facebook and twitter service that is not influenced by governments, where the people running the company actually have backbones and stand up for what they believe in instead of giving into a seriously grotesque system. Seriously everything is this world should not be influenced by monetary gain, there is more to life then money.
People in science should publish their works as open source, contributing to humanity as a whole instead of a wealthy few.

Information must remain free and open and most importantly WITHOUT CENSORSHIP it is the only path to peace, a collective mindset where no one can hold any information/secret above anyone else.

“Beware of he who would deny you access to information, for in his heart he dreams himself your master.” – Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri [1998], Commissioner Pravin Lal

SEO in Spanish is “Máquina de Búsqueda”

I have chosen to write this post due to no information out on the net for the correct terminology and I have once again been asked to think of the correct words fml…

Máquina de Búsqueda. (tadaaa~ :P)

I choose this term because it is more appropriate for what is actually occurring when querying a database, I am a network engineer so bear with me…

“Maquina” insinuates that it is a big machine, which is true, when conducting searches on search engines you are typically searching a redundant cluster of computers or clouds, thus equating to a total machine.
Some people may say “Motor” instead of “Máquina”, which is incorrect. The word Motor refers to a traditional motor/combustion engine and therefore relate to cars.

“Busqueda” Simply implies it’s a meticulous search, which is correct, queries process multiple algorithms to produce a result/score based on any given parameters.

I hope this helps ^_^

Setting up a FUNCTIONING LAMP Stack on Ubuntu Server 10.4

This is a quick tutorial *notes* for me as I constantly have to look for these simple things every time I have to install a lamp server on a nix box.
If you do this kind of stuff to this list might come in handy

  1. install Ubuntu 10.4 LTS
  2. install ssh server [ sudo apt-get install openssh-server ]
  3. install text editor [ sudo apt-get install vim ]
  4. install lamp stack [ sudo apt-get install lamp-server^ ]
  5. install ftp server [ sudo apt-get install vsftpd ]
  6. install phpmyadmin [ sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin ]
  7. install mail server [ sudo aptitude install postfix ]

This should pretty much set you up with a complete/working dev nix box.
You might also need this in some cases…

  1. cURL PHP module [ sudo apt-get install php5-curl ]
  2. IMAP PHP module [ sudo apt-get install php5-imap ]

If you experience any problems hit me up.