How To Play Old Nintendo Classics On Your PC For FREE!

A lot of people are actually amazed at the fact that this is even possible but I assure you it is and for a very long time. Console emulation is one of the oldest underground scenes out there. I remember trolling tirelessly through IRC, AOL and DC++ networks in search of channels that served ROMs. I quickly became a collector of everything form MAME to PSOne, never getting enough and only wanting more. A ROM is simply and image or copy of the actually game software. An Emulator is the software that pretends to be the Nintendo console on your computer and translates the software so your operating system can play it. Many Emulators Exist out there if you just look for them, MAME, ATARI, JAGUAR, PANASONIC, SEGA GENISIS, SEGA SATURN and much much more. In this post we will cover how to play SNES or Super Nintendo.

Before you start make sure your computer is at least a Pentium 4 or higher for best results.
You will need to download a SNES Emulator and Rom.

You can can download the SNES Emulator here.
You can download a ROM of your choice at

If you can spend some money on a PS2 controller for your computer it will make the gameplay more enjoyable.

  • extract the to a folder of your choice
  • extract the rom image to the same folder
  • run snes9x.exe and open rom file

once the rom is running it should look something like below.

Once the game is running you’re going to want to:

  • configure your controls, assign a PS2 Controller or use your keyboard keys
  • If you have a good video card with lots of memory you will want to play with the graphic settings as well, as a lot of diffrent graphic modes exist it will be up to you to test out which one works best for you hardware.

At this point you sit down and enjoy :) If you have an question or comments please leave them, I will respond promptly.

Website LiveChat Services!

After a couple of hours of configuration and modifications I was able to install a complete LiveChat solution for the client Martian Laser ( located in San Diego, Ca. The Live Chat Solution allows the client to see live online vistors, what page they are viewing and even make real-time suggestions and assistance. The Application also allows the client to determine the source of the visitor via Google’s Geo-location API. A definite tool for any business owner.

Finally! Something I Actually Want To Work On… My Site!

OMG! its been such a long time since i have began to work on my site. It seems we are always caught up catering to the whining clients needs, like a babysitter dealing with spoiled kids. Although this is sometimes frustrating it has a positive impact on your experience. I am going to be using a lot of source code and ideas that I have used on past clients to make this site a little more exciting. If you dont like it well then thats too freaken bad, go make your own site. bwahahahahah~!

Further Developing…

It has almost been 6 months since the design and data model where first created and it has not stopped. The process of building a company site and delivering to your clients becomes quite the task sometimes feeling vast and never ending. The complications of life never seem to whither away leaving us to fumble in our complexities. Like all great things, they take a while to be done. As development continues to progress on the site the more it seems to come to life. We are getting closer and closer to the launch, this is an exciting time.

Profiles VS Websites for SEO and SEM campaigns, which is better?

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Godaddy SUCKS!!!!!!

The more and more I work on Go daddy’s Hosting the more I find it to be irritating as their systems seem to be designed to annoy the living hell out of developers!
I HATE GODADDY DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENTS, if you can actually call them that.
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