Sick And Tired Of Censorship And This False Sense of Freedom Of Speech Online!

Seriously I am sick and tired of Twitter and Facebook and other sites always censoring information and not relaying posts outside of twitter. Why do certain topics not aggregate across the net? Oh Yeah because Twitter is a piece of crap service to begin with, I mean seriously in the 7 years of seo I still cant find any real significance only hype. Not only are they in bed with governments around the world suppressing news and information but they are actively trying to kill their API community in a sad attempt to gain more traffic to their shitty site. Facebook… I don’t want to get started with… all the bullshit involved with this company is hilarious from their blatant disregard for privacy to their state of the art facial recognition system currently running in secrecy for NSA and CIA (part of Tapwire). Its ridiculous, is there no one out there who dares to challenge the status quo? Has everyone truly become cowards?

I think its time for a new internet infrastructure that doesn’t run on the current TCP/IP structure, an internet that isn’t being developed by Universities (Internet2) who are funded by US military (or any for that matter). Any University secretly working on projects with military applications should be abolished, or at least have the title of University removed and boycotted and/or destroyed.  The world doesn’t need institutions working frivolously on more weaponry for barbaric idiots who deem themselves superior.
Its time for a new mindset, one away from the all the left and right paradigm of political assholes who want to play the blame game while the world crumbles.

We need a new facebook and twitter service that is not influenced by governments, where the people running the company actually have backbones and stand up for what they believe in instead of giving into a seriously grotesque system. Seriously everything is this world should not be influenced by monetary gain, there is more to life then money.
People in science should publish their works as open source, contributing to humanity as a whole instead of a wealthy few.

Information must remain free and open and most importantly WITHOUT CENSORSHIP it is the only path to peace, a collective mindset where no one can hold any information/secret above anyone else.

“Beware of he who would deny you access to information, for in his heart he dreams himself your master.” – Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri [1998], Commissioner Pravin Lal

SEO in Spanish is “Máquina de Búsqueda”

I have chosen to write this post due to no information out on the net for the correct terminology and I have once again been asked to think of the correct words fml…

Máquina de Búsqueda. (tadaaa~ :P)

I choose this term because it is more appropriate for what is actually occurring when querying a database, I am a network engineer so bear with me…

“Maquina” insinuates that it is a big machine, which is true, when conducting searches on search engines you are typically searching a redundant cluster of computers or clouds, thus equating to a total machine.
Some people may say “Motor” instead of “Máquina”, which is incorrect. The word Motor refers to a traditional motor/combustion engine and therefore relate to cars.

“Busqueda” Simply implies it’s a meticulous search, which is correct, queries process multiple algorithms to produce a result/score based on any given parameters.

I hope this helps ^_^

Setting up a FUNCTIONING LAMP Stack on Ubuntu Server 10.4

This is a quick tutorial *notes* for me as I constantly have to look for these simple things every time I have to install a lamp server on a nix box.
If you do this kind of stuff to this list might come in handy

  1. install Ubuntu 10.4 LTS
  2. install ssh server [ sudo apt-get install openssh-server ]
  3. install text editor [ sudo apt-get install vim ]
  4. install lamp stack [ sudo apt-get install lamp-server^ ]
  5. install ftp server [ sudo apt-get install vsftpd ]
  6. install phpmyadmin [ sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin ]
  7. install mail server [ sudo aptitude install postfix ]

This should pretty much set you up with a complete/working dev nix box.
You might also need this in some cases…

  1. cURL PHP module [ sudo apt-get install php5-curl ]
  2. IMAP PHP module [ sudo apt-get install php5-imap ]

If you experience any problems hit me up.

“Get some popcorn… it’s going to be a long lulzy night.”- Anonymous

If you haven’t heard yet It looks like #anonymous is once again taking justice into its own hands. They have taken multiple ant-piracy organizations down in retaliation to the actions of the FBI raid on MegaUpload earlier today. These sites include RIAA, MPAA, Department Of Justice just to name a few. According to the online chatter #ExpectUs this is the strongest coordinated attack recorded.

Aside from the obvious, I can’t help but question the timing of all this. It was only 24 hours ago that the largest recorded petition was done online to prevent malicious legislature from passing; SOPA aka Stop Internet Piracy Act (don’t pretend you knew that :P). Now we are seeing the largest retaliation by Anonymous, what if this is all the beginning of another digital version of 9/11? What if this event is the precursor to a larger plot, one that will portray a victimized system only to fool the it’s citizens into passing another SOPA *CAUGH* PATRIOT ACT… I cant help and wonder if Americans will finally man up to their responsibility and take back their country, because no one else will.




Here is updated list of all the sites that where/are PWNd!

Department of Justice (
Motion Picture Association of America (
Universal Music (
Belgian Anti-Piracy Federation (
Recording Industry Association of America (
Federal Bureau of Investigation (
Universal Music France (
Senator Christopher Dodd (
Vivendi France (
The White House (
Warner Music Group (

Can you say PWNage >:| ?

Google, Facebook, Twitter SOPA Protest… WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP!

As time goes by and the internet gets flooded by anti-SOPA sentiment it becomes more and more transparent who are full of shit. How so right? Unlike most people who simply use the internet to search for information or to simply go online and Facebook your life away, I use it everyday as part of my life. As a web developer and network engineer I have no choice but to experience the web on a different level which few actually do. Aside from general scripting and infrastructure deployment we experience the web on a personal level.
To me it is incredibly insulting when you have companies who pretend to have some moral fiber to gain credibility from its user base. Google, Facebook and Twitter are perfect examples, protesting SOPA while they already are using SOPA like technology on its users. How so? Google, Yahoo, Twitter, and Facebook all Censor information. I have personally experienced censorship on all these platforms, legitimate information and links that don’t aggregate across other platforms because they are flagged as negative content, In other words CENSORSHIP!
Google the biggest hypocrite in the game has the audacity to protest SOPA when they helped the Chinese censor their internet infrastructure, total bullshit if you ask me.
Facebook already sells your information to government agencies and is only a matter of time before this becomes public knowledge, how would any company who did not have any real business model make so much money during its infant stages? Better yet why did some of the most corrupt institutions (Goldman Sachs) find Facebook to be of any value, why invest so much money into something that was not producing any? Aside from the hidden features for example; Face recognition cataloging and profiling Facebook provided the perfect source for intel on any user in its grasp. People post some of their most intimate information about their lives on Facebook, providing a rich source of information for anyone with malicious or sinister intent.
I guess in today’s world where perception is sold over reality it has becomes generally accepted, allow any company to make any claim without any real merit or true intent behind its rhetoric, like an actor playing a role. People need to stop believing all the bullshit they see and hear online and begin to really investigate any claims made by these or any companies who employ PR managers with psychology degrees, who know how to manipulate opinion and sway away from truth with very little visibility.

Removing Facebook ‘like’ feature to protect anonymity.

I Decided to remove the Facebook ‘like’ feature from my blog and company blog. I didn’t want any government tracking being done based on any similar opinions someone might have. Although I do believe in security I still believe people should have the right to be anonymous and still share their opinion. Also Facebook is getting old and as a professional the look and feel of Facebook does not fit business. Aside from privacy issues, any person can go through the process of socially engineering its victim into accepting a stalkers invite (A living nightmare). Imagine what you could learn about someone right away by simply looking into their profile and relationships, after all you are who you hang out with. This is already being done, redundant databases are being generated about any living person based oh a physiological profile. Guess who is helping with this large task? Facebook fits the perfect model for any intelligence agency, Facebook generates databases based on self inputted user data, some of your most private facts can be found in one way or another on Facebook. Lets not mention all your relationships and their psychological profles, all this information used to create a calculated profile about you. Now imagine a very dangerous person after you and he knows everything about you and who you hang out with. All this only because you decided to share your opinion.
At this point in time I would rather give any visitor the choice of privacy.
For business I will remain using Facebook but only as a marketing node used to direct traffic.

Yarrrr: How To Download Free MP3’s Using YouTube and Free Web Services.

I am making this quick tutorial because I am astonished that no one has actually even talked about this. How does YouTube get away with practically giving music away? Why have they not been sued? Who cares right? All this is very strange but… I will show you a quick method to both download full music videos and mp3’s for free using web services publicly available. You can then use these services to compile albums with videos from YouTube. Once you see how easy it is to do this you will wonder how people where sued by RIAA & MPIAA and not Google.







Step 1: Find a song on youtube as a video. If you have an album in mind you know you want, you can get the tracks of that album online by going to, they typically display all the track titles.

Step 2: Once you find a video simply copy the entire URL (example: )

Step 3: Go to and paste the url and click the “Convert Video” button. Once its done converting you will get an option to download or link to the mp3. Enjoy :)


Music Videos

Step 1: Find a Music Video on

Step 2: Once you find a video simply copy the entire URL (example: )

Step 3: Go to and paste the url and click the “Download” button. Once its done converting you will get an option to download the video in up to 5 different formats.

Don’t get too crazy ENJOY! :P

2011 is here! It Is Time For A Comeback!

Its been a while since I have been out and about in public, reflecting on past mistakes and choices. This year is very different I truly feel like I am back to myself mentally and hopefully soon physically :P It is amazing the power love has over a person, it has the ability to make one rise to the top or crumble down to oblivion. For me I can say That I am happy that I have had great friends that have been there for me since my downfall reminding me that there is more to life then my simple wishes and more importantly we must celebrate life because it can be gone in an instant. I can say that I am now truly a force to be wrecked with both physically and mentally, I will no longer take anyone’s garbage, If you wish to play that game with me I will crush you plain and simple.
This year is something I have been looking forward to, to simply start over reconstructing myself as a person. I hope this year is amazing for me if not I will make it that way for no one is in control of my destiny only I. Get ready world for you have another person breaking out of the darkness ready to embrace the light.